HILST concrete substitute for quick and easy fence installing

Would you like to set a fence in half the time?     By reduced one-half cost?   And with no mess and physical efforts! Do you think this is impossible?    So pay attention to the new revolutionary HILST system!

 Products and prices

Альтернатива бетону Hilst Standart

HILST Standart

Easy for personal use.

Kit: 1,5L (1L container with 0,5 component part and 0,5L container with 0,5 component part)
Weight: 1 kg

Price: 750 rub

Заменитель бетона HILST Professional

HILST Professional

For professional erection crews.
Kit: 10L (2 containers by 5 litres
Weight: 10 kg

Price: 6 550 rub

Замена бетона HILST Expert

HILST Expert

For power transmission poles and transmission poles installation.
Kit: 40L (2 containers x20 litres) Weight: 40 kg

Price: 24 000 rub

HILST concrete substitute description

Монтаж столбов ЛЭП с помощью заменителя бетонаNew way to install common constructions. It is generally used for pole hole filling. It maintains durability and stiffness of construction.

HILST is two-part and composite-based system. You just need to mixture active components to start work. There is no need for water and this makes installation much more easier. Just mix right before installing and pour in the hole! HILST – quick and easy fence construction.

Installers note following HILST advantages:

  • Hardens quickly – nearly 10 times faster then common concrete.
  • Ease of use – you just have to mix parts from 2 containers. Установка заборного столба с использованием заменитель бетонаNo measurements of volume or mixture density needed.
  • High strength due to perfect penetration into soil. HILST fills all the soil capillaries and interstices providing something like rootage for a pole. Such a structure anchors a pole in the ground securely and maintains it's resistance even to the most adverse conditions.
  • Economy. 1 kg of HILST makes up for 40 kg of sand-grain mix and concrete. Especially handy for applications that are in the wild or far from good road. No need neither to get concrete truck mixer nor to search power generator for mixer activation.
  • Labourless. No more carrying heavy bags of cement to and around site even if there is difficult access for vehicles.
     (And remember that common concrete is usually mixed at single place and should be carried in entire site).Монтаж забора по системе HILST
  • Maximum efficiency. The undeniable advantage: reduced hole diameter requirements. It should be only 2-3 cm more then pole diameter, just to pour HILST mixture -- and no extra spreading or consolidating.
  • No mess. As of concrete – it could be excess or lack, and you have to find some place and container for batching. And after that you have to go back and forth (poaching your ground!) to transport the result to the hole.

HILST – mix, pour, dispose containers. A fence on the 12-hectares ground in a day – it's possible! Quick and easy. No trash. No mess. HILST.